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Learn To Teach with THAT

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At The Howard Academy Trust, we have over 25 years of experience of training exceptional teachers, and we believe that the best place for trainee teachers to learn how to do this, is in a school.   

THAT works with school direct partnerships (SCITTs) and universities across the south of England to provide both QTS and PGCE qualifications. You will receive superb support and training from highly skilled teachers and mentors who are passionate about education.  As a successful Trust, we are committed to employing our successful trainees and helping them build a lifelong career. 

Why train with THAT if you want to be a teacher?

 Great for families 

If you've got, or plan to have a family, you'll largely share the same holidays as your children! We truly welcome flexible working requests and understand that life isn’t just about work.

Job security 

Unlike much of the private sector, teaching offers great job security, with demand for teachers growing year on year! 

 A passion for the subject/vocation

There are few who can use their passion in their job. Our teachers get to do this every day, with the opportunity to inspire and instil this enthusiasm in their pupils.

Inspire the next generation 

You will get job satisfaction in a highly supportive environment that few will experience.

Other than parents, teachers have arguably the biggest influence on a child's life. The visible progress that you enable pupils to achieve is guaranteed to give you a true sense of pride and purpose.

High Quality Mentoring and Induction Programme

You will be allocated a mentor who is a specialist in their area and will offer you personalised support and guidance throughout the training year. You will meet with your mentor on a weekly basis, setting short and long-term targets and reviewing your progress against the Teachers’ Standards that form the basis of your training.  

Outstanding CPD

We provide outstanding CPD, including:

- Cross Trust networking and collaboration opportunities to share best practice with colleagues 

- Cross Trust CPD led by our outstanding central Education Team and experienced school leaders 

- Annual Trust CPD conference, for all staff 

Salary benefits 

Newly qualified teachers in their ECT year currently start on a salary of £30,000, progressing to £31,737 in Year 2 of your ECT Programme. 

Over the next four years, your salary will progress to at least £41,333. Following this, you are able to access the Upper pay salary which progresses up to £46,525. Headteachers can also earn over £120k in the UK's larger schools.

Excellent employment opportunities, and a clear career path 

It is expected that successful trainees will go on to work within their training school or another school within our Trust. 

If you are ambitious and would like to progress in your career, teaching has a very clear path to do so. From Head of Department, Pastoral Leader, Senior Leader to Headteacher, and many roles in-between, there are opportunities to go as high as you would want to, with even further opportunities across our whole Trust.

Ways To Train

At THAT, we have 6 ways to train to be a teacher, and one of these will suit everyone who wants to be a teacher.

1. For ‘would be’ teachers currently in the 6th Form

  • We will offer you bespoke work experience in at least one of our 7 schools  
  • We will pay for your DBS and any expenses to get you to and from work experience
  • There is also the opportunity to be paid to do before and after school supervised interventions, and we will pay you to work over the summer with children and young people

2. 6th Form Apprenticeship into Teaching

  • Is paid for by THAT 
  • You will be paid to study for 30 credits per year paid for by us, towards your degree while we pay you a highly competitive wage to work in one of our schools

3. For ‘would be’ teachers with no A-Levels but a real passion to gain qualifications and become a teacher

  • For this route, you will need to be either employed by or applying for a role with THAT. That role would be TA, HLTA, Cover Supervisor, Catch Up Tutor or Technician etc.
  • We can offer you a part-time access course, and we will fund this after you have successfully worked for us for 6 months
  • When you successfully complete the access course, we will then offer you a funded 30 points a year, paid for by us yearly, until you complete a degree
  • With this route, you will get one afternoon per week to devote to your studies
  • Following this, if you then train to teach with THAT, you're also guaranteed a further job for at least one year in one of our THAT academies after you pass your training year

4. For ‘would be’ teachers who do not yet have a degree, but have A-Levels or the equivalent

  • For this route, you will need to be either employed by or applying for a role with THAT. That role would be TA, HLTA, Cover Supervisor, Catch Up Tutor or Technician etc.
  • We will pay for 30 points per year towards a degree for you
  • To start your funded degree journey with us, join us as:
    - A Catch-up tutor, a subject technician, a TA or HLTA, a Cover supervisor   
  • With this route, you will get one afternoon per week to devote to your studies  
  • We guarantee a further role for you after you pass your training year  

5. For ‘would be’ teachers with a degree but without teaching experience

  • Join us as a trainee teacher  
  • We will talk to you about potential training areas that are available in our schools, and current or future opportunities
  • You could be salaried or unsalaried and become a qualified teacher in one year (unqualified teachers who are working towards qualifying will earn between £20,597 to £32,133 depending on skills and experience)
  • On successful completion of QTS, you're also guaranteed a further job with us 

6. For ‘would be’ teachers with a degree and teaching experience (for example as a cover supervisor, technician, HLTA, TA or catch up tutor)

  • We can offer you an Assessment Only route into teaching, which takes just 12 weeks to complete, when you have relevant school experience
  • You're also guaranteed a job with us

We have over 25 years of experience in growing and developing outstanding teachers. Choose any option to train to teach. If you do not have a degree, the process takes a little longer, but the rewards are immense.

We have a dedicated team of ITT specialists within THAT, and we work with a number of outstanding specialist providers such as KMT and Thames Gateway Teaching School Hub. We have 7 dedicated schools to support our trainee teachers.

School Experience Opportunities 

You are cordially invited to any of our School Experience Days to:

  • See what happens day to day in the life of a school
  • Visit your chosen subject area and/or age range and spend time observing teaching
  • Have the opportunity to speak to teachers and pupils
  • Meet our Senior and Professional Mentors
  • Discuss your bespoke training path into teaching

All of our schools are very warm and welcoming and genuinely passionate about teacher training and supporting new or aspiring teachers. Do come and join us to see if this could be the future career for you!

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