Deanwood Primary School

Deanwood logoAt Deanwood, we want everyone in our school to be HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL AND SAFE

Deanwood School provides a high-quality learning environment for all our

children. The physical environment is important to every child’s learning and

development. Our commitment is to provide a bright, well organised and

stimulating place for children to learn. We have carpeted areas in class rooms

and corridors, and the school provides the children with plenty of space, both indoors and outdoors. We encourage visitors to have a look around the school to see the children at work and play.

The school has a spacious ICT suite at its heart and all children enjoy access to this as part of the curriculum.

A separate dining hall ensures that the main hall is available throughout the day for PE and drama activities.

We have a large field which is used for outdoor games and at lunchtimes in the summer. Children need space and the field is central to their outdoor experiences.

KS1 and KS2 have their own playgrounds, with equipment available to provide a range of play activities.

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